Monday, January 18, 2010

Learning to Drive

Pumpkin is in that stage where she is curios about most things. Also, she's into that let-me-repeat-everything-a-few-hundred-times phase. One of those things that sparked her curiosity are traffic signs. She asks what it means, what we need to do when the light changes.

Driving with her is a surprise experience. She might tell you to go faster so when can get to the red car, or whatever. Or she might say you are a slow driver, or a bad driver. And among other things she feels the need to be a police officer. If she sees a STOP sign she will start yelling: STOP! STOP DAD! YOU HAVE TO STOP!

As annoying as that can be/is I guess because of her we are becoming better drivers.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Exercise Fever

You know it's January when you hit the gym and it is full. You know what I'm talking about. Everyone (including me)vows to eat better, drink more water and exercise. Sneakers are white and clothes are still tight fitting. But it's all good.
Yesterday was a holiday and the park in our neighborhood was closed. I was a bit bummed. It was my day to run and I do that in the park. For some reason I get scared that a dog might come running after me if I run in the street. JA has repeatedly told me that no dog chases him, but maybe they like girls. I left home for a doctor's appointment and saw some people walking in the park. I figured one of the entrances was actually open. Fast forward 6 hours later I decided I would take my run even with dogs chasing me. I saw more and more people arriving at the park. Very weird. So a girl asks someone if any gate is open. He says:" no. The stairs.(pointing something".
Ha! Stairs! People were climbing the fence! Some parts of the 7 feet fence had some decorations which could be used as stairs. And that's what people did. I was impressed to say the least. That's what I call motivation. Determination to exercise and succeed at it. And after That mystery was solved I went on with my run. On the street. And no one chased me.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Goodbye 2009 and hello 2010

Again I've been MIA. Don't want to give any excuses, it's not worth it. Instead I'll give a little summary of my life.

Can you believe we're in 2010? It seems so futuristic, only it's not. 2009 was an interesting year. Lots of things happened. In no particular order:
  • I turned 30

  • I ended my business partnership

  • I started my own company

  • I started a wedding blog which is absolutely awesome!

  • I did my first 5K

  • Played Scrabble for the first time. And I won

  • I managed to end a friendship without the other person knowing it!

  • For the first time in my husband's life, they (and us) celebrated New Year's at our home

  • Played Uno for the first time

  • So here we are, in 2010. Currently I am trying to figure out how to best use all the social media outlets for my company. And honestly, I am very confused and overwhelmed. I am training for my first 10K. Curious enough, it's now, in week 5, that I am struggling to feel motivated. Weird. This month marks our 2 year anniversary in this TTC journey. Also, I find it hard to NOT think about making plans. It seems like I can't help it! Not long ago I read a blog where the writer broke her resolutions into one a month. I like it, seems neat. So I made mine like that, but being my anal self, it stresses me out to see only one thing a month. We'll see how this all turns out

    I would really like to come back and blog regularly. I will honestly try to. For now, Happy 2010 to everyone. May this be an awesome, legendary year, full of blessings and most importantly, health. I am so looking forward to this year and all it will bring. And am honored to be able to share it will you. Be blessed.

    Friday, November 13, 2009


    Pumpkin used to play with her eyebrows when she was tired. Now she mostly plays with her bangs, which by the way can be trimmed every two weeks. She combs it in a way that ends up looking live a "V". It's pretty funny.

    Yesterday she saw a picture of her when she was about 7 months. Cutest thing ever, chubby and with cheeks that you just can't resist. On our way home she says: Mom, I am a little tired... I saw a picture of me with little bangs. I didn't have a lot. And 5 minutes later she was asleep. Looking like an angel. Angel with a really weird haircut and bangs design.

    Thursday, November 12, 2009

    life is uncertain

    When I was younger we would do the same thing every Sunday. We would go to church and then have lunch at the same place. There was one place, those with all you can eat buffet and at the register you ordered. If you wanted dessert you had to order it at that time. At the counter they had a Little sign that said: "Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first".
    It always made me smile. Yesterday I was starving, and while I waited for my dinner to be ready, I kept salivating over a pie I made a few days ago.After fighting the urge I gave in. Of course my guilty conscience started harassing me and reminding me that my thighs started rubbing together.
    Like, whatever! To make myself feel better I thought about when I was younger. That time where I didn't have to cook my own meals or worry about my thighs. And I was just happy. Happy to be eating the yummiest pumpkin cheesecake ever.

    Monday, November 2, 2009

    New license adventure

    This year not only marked my 30th birthday, but also the time to renew my license. They recently changed them to look more like the ones our fellow American citizens have. The rest of the world thought the previous license was fake. THAT'S how cheap looking it was.

    My SIL suggested I tried filling out the paperwork at an office where she did hers and were very fast. We take the train and then the receptionist gave me a list of all the documents I needed to bring: pictures, passport, birth certificate, utilities bills (to prove you live where you say). Great. I decide to return the next day with everything I need. Again, take the train, get there. It turns out I also need my social security card. Really?

    I was fuming. Went home, get the damn social security card and return to the office. I finally have everything I need. Not only that, but my purse is an identity theft waiting to happen. Everything you might need would be right there at your fingertips. When the time comes for the picture, they have a paper that says: Do not smile. Just reading it makes me crack up. Needless to say your picture ends up with your face deformed and showing how happy you are to be there for the third time. I think I'd rather have the cheap looking license where I am smiling.

    Monday, October 26, 2009

    Where are my carrots?

    Yesterday we went to The Home Depot. As always Mini-Me enjoys looking at all the plants and flowers. She saw the seeds stand and started grabbing some. I figured we could try to plant some seeds AGAIN, since last time the died.. from being ignored. I know, not the best lesson. We bought 6 different seeds, among them carrots. Now honestly, I have no clue if it's possible for carrots to grow here. I just didn't have the heart to tell her no. This time she was more proactive in the planting process. last time she was too disgusted with getting her hands dirty.

    Long story short, after 20 minutes she started asking where her carrots were. And again after an hour. And another hour. Silly rabbit! i am hoping something does come out, or at least some flowers from the other pots might distract her.